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Cartoon style objects.

Objects appear in the Hello Neighbor franchise.

Objects can be:

"Important" - These objects are important in the passage of the game and without them the player may not be able to pass certain puzzles and gameplay.

"Side" - May slightly interfere with the player being able to pass through the game.

"Useless" - They are useless to the player and may not have to be used for the completion of the game.

The following is a list of objects from Hello Neighbor, Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek, Secret Neighbor and Hello Neighbor 2. Objects are divided into separate categories and placed in alphabetical order.

Concept-arts from the Exposed ArtBook (unused objects such as Blender and Soda Machine.
Concept-arts from the Exposed ArtBook.

List of objects

Art of the old objects.


Side and Useless

Food and Drink

Easter Eggs


Realistic objects from Alpha 1. NOTE: some Pre-Alpha objects are not present.

Some old object inventory icons.