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Hello neighbour.jpeg THIS PAGE IS AN OFFICIAL PAGE

To edit this page, you must be a Staff Member or have the equivalent set of permissions.

Join the Hello Neighbor Wiki Discord!

Feel free to chat, talk about the games, or just chillax! There are currently over 200+ members.

The staff members here are the staff members there. It is currently being run by MalaBG.

You can join through the Widget in the sidebar, or through the link provided in the infobox.


There are currently 7 public channels.

  • General (talk about anything)
  • Game Discussion (to discuss the Hello Neighbor games specifically)
  • HN2 Spoilers (talk about Hello Neighbor 2 without spoiling it for others)
  • Wiki Editing (update us on what pages you've edited)
  • Giveaways (win prizes!)
  • YouTubers (special users may post their videos here)
  • Bot Spam (where MEE6's level up messages and commands go!)

Announcement Channels

There are currently 4 announcement channels.

  • Announcements (General announcements, tinyBuild GAMES' announcements)
  • Reddit (All postings on our Reddit page will be listed here)
  • Wiki Updates (Any and all changes to the Wiki go here)
  • Server Updates (Any and all changes to the Discord Server go here)


There are 7 current main roles:

  • Fandom Staff
  • Bureaucrat
  • Admin
  • Content Mod
  • Server Manager
  • Verified (Everyone who has accepted the rules)
  • Member (Everyone who hasn't accepted the rules)

To earn roles, you must contribute to The Hello Neighbor Wiki. To apply, see Staff Applications. All roles are synced with the wiki.