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Hello Neighbor: Welcome To Raven Brooks is an animated series based on Hello Neighbor. The first episode was released inside of Hello Neighbor 2, with the rest of the episodes being released in Secret Neighbor or on the tinyBuildGAMES YouTube channel, Season 1 aired completely in 2023, with Season 2 starting late 2023, or in early 2024.


The new girl in town, Trinity, moves across the street from the creepy neighbor, Mr. Peterson. She joins Nicky Roth and his less than courageous friends (the Rescue Squad/Inventors Club) on terrifying stealth missions to find out what horrific secrets are hiding in her creepy Neighbor's basement, and what horrible secrets the town is hiding.



On March 9, 2019, a photo of Mr. Peterson's home was shown in a painted form.

Secret Neighbor, Secret Films

Six films have been added in the Secret Neighbor Easter Update (there are 3 movies on each card). They each showed small animated clips from a (at the time) future series.

Pilot Episode Announcement

From April 9 to 12, 2020, screenshots of a future series were posted on Discord. Later on April 13, a test pilot episode of the series was announced, which was to be posted by tinyBuildGames on YouTube on April 17, 2020. A clip of the episode was posted on Twitter.

Episode 0

The pilot released was Episode Zero, a collection of different scenes from the books. It does not count as a standalone episode (not even the 22 minute version).

The full pilot was released on YouTube on July 24, 2020. Prior to that date, it was only available to tinyClub members.

When the early YouTube gameplays of Hello Neighbor 2 went live, It was spotted that there was a countdown on a TV in the Raven Brooks Banner, It was soon confirmed that this was the release date of Episode 1, and that it would premiere in-game, as well as Secret Neighbor and YouTube.

A Premiere was released on YouTube on December 1, 2022 showing a teaser trailer and a website: welcometoravenbrooks.com.

Season 1

Episodes 1-3 released in Early 2023 with Episode 1 having a in-game premiere in HN2, and Episode 2 having a in-game premiere in Secret Neighbor, with the last 3 releasing in October 2023, Episodes 5 and 6 had Teasers for the new Hello Neighbor 2 Patch.

Known Characters

Main Casts

Recurring Casts

Minor Cast

Season Overview



Season 2

Season 3


  • According to Alex Nichiporchik, the series has a connection with the novels and Hello Neighbor 2
  • The Show is following the events of the Games, rather than the Books, however, the Books are still mentioned slightly
  • Trinity is Diabetic in the Animated Series.