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Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game that is developed in Unreal Engine 4, it was released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One on December 8, 2017.

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek is the prequel of Hello Neighbor, released on December 7th, 2018, and released again on Steam on December 10th, 2019.

Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer spin-off of Hello Neighbor, developed by Hologryph. The game involves a group of children trying to break into the basement of the Neighbor's house. Unbeknownst to them, one of the kids is the Neighbor in disguise. The children have to collect keys to unlock the basement door, while the Neighbor must catch all of the children. It was fully released on October 24, 2019.

Hello Neighbor 2 is the second game to Hello Neighbor, Taking place after Act 2 of the first game. The file with the prototype game launcher was found on December 20, 2019 with the help of ClassicJrb and was opened on January 5, 2020 with the help of GreenHouseM13. It released on December 6th, 2022 for PC, Xbox, PS and Switch.


Hello Neighbor is currently available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch and iOS, and the game was formerly available on Stadia. The Pre-Alpha, Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, and Alpha 4 are all free while the betas and release must be purchased to play. The full game was fully released on the 8th of December in 2017.

Hide & Seek has the same platforms as Hello Neighbor, with the exception of Android.

Secret Neighbor is currently available on Xbox One, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and iOS, and formerly available on Stadia.

The Hello Neighbor 2 Pre-Alpha (Hello Guest Alpha 1) is on PC, Xbox, and iOS.

Hello Neighbor 2 is currently available on PC, Xbox One Series X/S, PS4/5, and Switch.


Hello Neighbor

The plot of Hello Neighbor's story isn't very obvious, but it's pretty self-explanatory. Using the books, we got the full story for most of the game. Theodore locks up his son, Aaron, after he accidentally killed Mya so that Aaron wouldn't die too.

Nicky breaks in to save Aaron after seeing Theodore lock him up. After he breaks into the basement, Theodore finds him and catches him. Two months later, Nicky escapes with the help of Aaron, but gets PTSD caused by the traumatic experience.

19 years later, Nicky gets evicted due to non-payment but moves back to his home in Raven Brooks. He notices that Theodore's house is destroyed, so he walks over to it and starts remembering everything that happened there. He gets paranoid and starts seeing things. He falls asleep on the couch and learns to beat his fears.

Hide & Seek

At the start of the game, we can see the family has moved in, as there are cardboard boxes everywhere. Aaron Peterson chases his sister, Mya, as their mother Diane is making dinner. Theodore is on the phone with someone and Mya plays hide and seek with her brother. After one of their games, they go and eat dinner with the family. A few weeks later, after they're done playing cops and robbers, they notice that Diane and Theodore aren't home, and they get worried.

The next day, Theodore comes home with the news that Diane died, and he drops her purse. Aaron starts to get upset, and he shoots his sister with a toy gun. He steals her doll and makes her play a game for it, but it ends up in him accidentally pushing her off the roof of the house, and she dies.

In the end credits, Theodore is burying Mya in a grave in the backyard.

Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor takes place in 1996, not long after Nicky goes missing. The children make a plan to save him, but kind of go overboard and come up with crazy ideas like a rocket ship and a mansion. The story ends with a woman calling the kids in for dinner. A while later, after Nicky escaped, Theodore went missing, but he's also a wanted criminal.

Hello Neighbor 2

In Hello Neighbor 2, you play as Quentin, a journalist who is investigating Theodore Peterson. He wants to find Theodore's secrets and prove that he is not innocent.


Hello Neighbor:


Act 1

The game begins in Act 1, playing as a young Nicky Roth, who is playing with a ball by himself outdoors. While playing, the player will hear a child scream from across the street in Mr. Peterson's House. Nicky, the protagonist, will then investigate the house. Once witnessing Mr. Peterson appears in some kind of distress, he will spot Nicky and charge at them. After appearing in Nicky Roth's House, the player will be able to explore the house and begin with the game. Without getting caught, the player must run to a closed-off room that can be opened with a near-by lever. In that same room, the player must turn on the electricity to that floor and place a bowling ball in front of a fan. Before turning on the fan, the player should grab any object like a box. Once the fan is turned on, the player must run back outside without getting caught by the Neighbor and to a platform that runs up and down the right side of the house before it shoots up without the player. If the player is not able to get on the platform before it goes up, they must redo all the steps until they are able to get through the window to the second floor. Once the player has gotten to the second floor through the window, the player can get the red key to the basement. after getting through the door, the player will discover a seemingly simple basement, but when examining the washer/drier, the player will find out that it is an entryway to another site that lies beneath the house. A small section of the area underneath looks like a room of sorts with only a bed, a few candles, a basketball, and cans of food. Using the basketball on one of the windows, the player can go through the open space and explore the available area, and attempt to solve a puzzle that unlocks the door. At a very last door, the player will go through and go through the final chase sequence of the first act. The door at the end will be locked, causing the player to be caught by Theodore.

Act 2

In the following act, Nicky Roth was caught by Mr. Peterson and has been locked in a room, in the basement. Someone unlock the door (that will be Aaron as a drawn cardboard if the player decides to look through the keyhole) and accidentally knock one of the standing lights. The player will then have to make their way to the vent to escape the basement. Once they are out, the player will discover that the Neighbor's house has grown in size, now with a tall fence to accompany it. The player will then have to solve numerous puzzles to go out of the tall gates. Every time the Neighbor catches the player, short playable cut-scenes will occur and reveals portions of Theodore's past, showing that he was a happy father and husband, which was gone when one cut-scene shows a car accident that killed Diane. When the player escapes, Mr. Peterson, the Neighbor, will come out and show panic about the player's escape. Nicky, will retreat to him in the cut-scene while Mr. Peterson hears a window break, worries and goes back to his own house.

Act 3

Nicky Roth woke up in his apartment, as an adult. A cut-scene plays showing Nicky getting evicted from his apartment and returning to his childhood home in Raven Brooks. Nicky checks the destroyed house of Mr. Peterson and a shadow-like figure will appear briefly, affecting Nicky in some way. Nicky will retreat to his home and will look, soon finding a photo of his younger self on a table. After receiving a phone call and spotting a Mannequin across the street, Nicky goes to sleep on the covered couch and falls into a dream. He hears someone screaming and a banging on the basement door. Someone throws a chair at the Neighbor, making him trip. He continues to hammer the nails on the basement door. He then lunges at something in his living room, while continuing to hammer the basement door down. He appears to be dragging something (presumably a child) while they're screaming. You can see the Neighbor close the basement door, whilst the Point of View on the kidnapped child. The Neighbor keeps on hammering down the door, and there seems to be a mugshot of the Neighbor (or he could surprised). The "EXIT" sign flashes, and the Neighbor continuously hammers the basement door down in a faster pace. A slight sound of something or someone knocking on the door startles the Neighbor, and he turns around, looks towards Nicky's house, and Nicky wakes up shocked while looking around his house. Act 3 has officially started at night-time. Act 3 plays out much like Beta 3 in a sense.

Hello Neighbor 2:

Skrondolny's Guide to Hello Neighbor 2.

Hello Neighbor 2 Alphas:

Hello Guest Prototype

(walkthrough coming soon)

Hello Guest Alpha 1

On the main menu, when you press New Game, you are sent to a screen with 2 clipboards. Pressing A and D lets you switch between clipboards. Whichever one you select is your character. Left clipboard being Beatrix, right clipboard being Quentin.

In the Quentin intro cutscene, Quentin is putting on his helmet and knee pads and then gets on his bicycle. He rides his bicycle to the park and looks around. He jumps when a wooden cutout of a red man comes out of the forest, pointing at a wooden guest cutout. Quentin shudders and walks to the door. He accidentally knocks off the "Closed" sign and looks around before kicking it to the side. He enters the park gate.

In the Beatrix intro cutscene, she hops into her van and drives past a gas station to the park. She tosses her gum in a trash can and gets out of her van. A crow catches Beatrix's attention, and she scares it off. After noticing a fallen "Closed" sign to the side of the door, she enters the park gate.

You follow a path that leads to your guardhouse, and a cutscene plays of your character answering the phone and turning on a lamp.

The Cafe Route

Go to the hill behind the guardhouse and jump onto a platform on one of the guardhouse floors. Going around and inside the guardhouse on this platform leads you to a room with multiple items. All you really need is the silver key. Bring the silver key to the gate at the tall red cafe building and unlock both the gate door and the yellow door at the cafe. Finish up your shift (Stop vandals, jump off of a high place, get caught, whatever) and go to the store. At the store you need to get 3 electric cords/wires, a generator, a camera, and camera monitor. Exit the shop and bring all these items (along with your fire extinguisher at the guardhouse door) to the cafe. Go to the place with the switches beside the cafe stairs and place your generator. Hook up your wires to the wire slots beside the switches. (more will be added)

Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1 (July 23rd, 2020)

The game opens up with an intro cutscene. Quentin, in his van, reaches for a pair of binoculars, which are on top of a missing poster of Theodore. He pulled up to a house with The Guest lurking in it. He looks through his binoculars and spots The Guest placing a lock on the attic door of the house. Quentin is assuming Theodore may be in there. The Guest places a key in a fireplace, turns on the fireplace, and Quentin watches him turn off a light. The game begins.

First, you need to set up a camera to find the code for the crowbar. Climb onto the fridge and up onto the lattice and through the 2nd-floor window. You need the camera from your van. Place the camera on the wall and use the monitor (also in the van) to rotate it so it is looking at the combination lock. Wait for The Guest to input the code, and memorize the code he puts in. When he's doing something else, type that code into the keypad, and inside the room is the crowbar. To get the key, you can throw bottles into the fireplace or distract The Guest so he doesn't put flammable things in there. Once a light in the fireplace glows blue, you can get the key.

Now all you need is something to climb into the attic with. Parkour up the black burnt house and grab the rope. Climb to the top of The Guest's house and onto the yellow platform that is above the attic. Attach an end of the rope to the platform and jump in the direction of the attic. Use your key and crowbar to open it and the rope to swing in. Once in, you find a Guest costume, and picking it up causes a storm. Outside, Theodore and his car appear in the yard and the end screen says "You Win?"

Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1.5

The intro cutscene begins with Quentin checking the time and reaching back to grab some tea. As he opens it, he hears noises from Theodore's house and goes to check the camera he set up. The Guest is burning garbage bags, and then destroys the camera. As Quentin puts up his monitor, he watches three trick-or-treaters walk up to the house. The Guest climbs out of a window and kidnaps all of them, locking them in the Attic.

Press E to exit your van. Your goal in this alpha is to get a key, a crowbar, and 5 pieces of candy. You can start off by finding the four candies you do not need to get an item from Theodore's house for. The first one is in a blue and pink house behind a billboard. Go upstairs and jump from the sink onto the edge of the hole in the ceiling. Make sure you climb up the edge. There should be a candy on a small table. The second candy is in a yellow house in the middle of the town, with a bunch of trash and large boxes/crates around it. Climbing onto the very top should show a hole that you can drop down to get to the next piece of candy, which is in a locker. The third candy is in the orange and pink house, and you need to parkour to it. Go behind the house, and climb up the pipe. Jump from the pipe to the yellow door sticking out, and walk across the beams to a platform. Climb up to the small area with the fridge and open it to get the candy.

Next you will need a generator and plug, which are located on top of the gas station. If the generator is almost empty, drop down the hole in the roof of the gas station and get some gas cans (There are only 2). Bring the generator and plug to the red house behind the tall grass field. Go to the empty room near the top with the rectangular hole in the ground. Place the generator and connect the plug to it. Drop the other end of the plug down the hole, and turn the generator on. On the first floor, you need to climb up to the area above the locked gate door and grab your plug, and place it in the socket on the wall. The locked door should unlock, and the candy will be inside the fridge.

There is one more candy, but you will need a crowbar for it. Take your generator and plug to the Neighbor's house. Go to the second floor and to the pile of boxes near the metal fence and conveyor. Plug up the generator to the socket in the wall. Get a rope by doing parkour up to the top of the burnt house beside the Neighbor's house, and attach it to the red gate door upstairs. Walk away and the gate door should open, being pulled from the rope. Grab the fire extinguisher from its box and use it to knock down the crowbar on the other side of the metal fence. Turn on the generator and head to the roof, where the crowbar should eventually appear at. (WIP)

Hello Neighbor Alphas:

Hello Neighbor Pre-Alpha

Pre-Alpha is the first public version of Hello Neighbor. The player starts in their house. They can see a red glow coming from the distant house's open basement door. Intrigued, the player walks over to the mysterious house. Upon attempting to enter the basement, the Neighbor appears and catches them. In Pre-Alpha, the Neighbor mainly watches television during the first stage of the game, guarding the copper key, so you need to cause distractions such as throwing alarm clocks, turning on radios, or breaking windows. The copper key is on the nightstand next to the television in the first stage of the game. The key's position can change places depending on the stage of the game, which also changes the layout of the house. If caught enough, you will experience the nightmare. After the nightmare plays, the Neighbor goes into Advanced Idle Mode and the second stage of the game begins. The lockpick is located in the garage if the copper key layout changed. The hammer is usually in the boiler room at the back end of the house. The code for the combination lock is 4785 which can be found by using the ultraviolet lamp (found in the bedroom or bathroom) and searching behind the painting near the side entrance.

Hello Neighbor Alpha 1

Alpha 1 is the second public version of the game. In this one, the player moves into a new house and after a nap, decides to check out what is going on in their mysterious Neighbor's house. They witness the Neighbor crash a car inside his basement. The Neighbor is much slower than the Neighbor in Pre-Alpha. Alarm clocks and radios still distract the Neighbor, along with breaking windows. This version of the game has a puzzle that involves getting a bell from the second floor. Doing this puzzle gives you the key to the basement. A lockpick is in the CCTV room, which is easier to get. The hammer has two locations, the bedroom, and the garage. It takes off the nails for the basement door's boards. The crowbar is an alternate for the hammer and is found under the Neighbor's bed. There is a carnival tutorial that teaches you the hiding mechanics. The carnival tutorial sparked many theories that the Neighbor was a clown or worked in an amusement park. This Alpha ends with the player getting buried alive, similar to the ending of the unplayable Prototype version.

Hello Neighbor Alpha 2

Alpha 2 is the first game where you see your own body. In this one, the player moves into a new neighborhood. He moves into a derelict-looking blue house. After exiting the car, you are tasked with getting inside. To get inside, first, walk to the door and look at the paper. It reads: "The key is under the rock beneath the mailbox." When you go to the mailbox, you pick up the stone but unfortunately, there is no key. You hear a raven and turn around. There on the lattice is a crow with a key in its beak. To progress you must throw the stone at the crow, getting your key back. After getting the key, you open the lock but realize you can't pull off the boards. You are sent to the back trunk of your car and cannot move until you grab the crowbar from the trunk.

You use this to pull the nails off of the boards. When you get inside, you are greeted by a dusty room with a bunch of furniture blocking the hallway. You then need to grab a box and walk back in to progress with the story. After you lie down, the Neighbor attacks you. He grabs you and throws you out. After this, he hammers a door leading to the keycard and then locks the tool room. After drinking some milk, he kidnaps someone, and you wake up. Startled by the scream you hear, you look across the street and see the Neighbor choking what appears to be a hostage but is a mannequin. The Neighbor then notices you and runs to the basement. After you get out of the sofa you woke up in, you run across to what was your house, and look through the living room window. There, Mr. Peterson runs out of the basement and locks the door with the keycard terminal. You open the front door.

A coat hanger will then fall over and alert the Neighbor, who is nailing up the basement door. You need to get into the wardrobe to hide from him. He will walk out, look around, and then will walk back into the living room. Next, leave the wardrobe and you'll notice a boy running. This, again, is a Mannequin. As you follow it, you will make a lot of noise and alert the Neighbor once again. After this, the game finally begins. There are multiple ways to win. In the fridge, there is a wrench, which will help you get on the roof to get the keycard and to also get the crowbar from the antenna on the roof. This is the fastest route. The second route is by getting the lockpick from the kitchen drawer, which will get you into the tool room. The tool room has the crowbar which you will need for not only the basement door but also for upstairs. Activate the generator and then the yellow switch to get upstairs. After you get upstairs, use the crowbar to get into the keycard room, and then you can win. Another way is by doing the upstairs route but getting the electromagnet instead. This will get you a lockpick from the tool room which will get you into the shed.

Grab the wrench and go up the ladder to the roof and get the key card. After this, use the sleeping pills (or wait until he exercises or sleeps) to get the key off of the Neighbor's belt. This gets you into the tool room and you can grab the crowbar and win yet again. Some things to do to lure the Neighbor in this build are: Breaking a window. Setting off a clock. Stepping in a bear trap. Being spotted by a security camera. Turning on the TV. Using the phone in your house to call his phone. In this build he sprints faster than you, so be sneaky! Once inside the basement, carnival music plays. This was perhaps an old chase theme since it is named "attack_5" while the normal chase theme is named "Attack_7". After seeing the Neighbor's shadow, you go down the stairs and stumble upon a teddy bear, childish drawings, and a mannequin. After entering the next door, the game ends. There is more to the basement, but it was in the basement gameplay trailer only.

Hello Neighbor Alpha 3

Alpha 3 opens on a shot of the city, and a sign saying, "Welcome to Alpha 3". Nicky's car drives past and heads to his new house. After this, the camera pans to the top of the Neighbor's house with the title card. After this, you spawn right outside your house. You have binoculars, a chair, a couple of boxes, a jar of glue, and some other items. First, you will need a flashlight to see. This is the darkest build of the game. You need to go upstairs and jump from the railing onto the sconce. Then jump from the sconce to the other side of the gate. There is a drawing that indicates where you need to go to get the electromagnet.

After going there, the electromagnet is revealed behind a bunch of boxes. You go back upstairs and there's also a drawing of a blue key behind an apple. Make the jump to the side of the room without a floor and remove the apple painting. You should be able to use the electromagnet and get a blue key. After this, go to where you saw the drawing of the blue key behind the apple and unlock the blue lock.

You have two options. First, you can go downstairs and into the room at the front door. Stack up to the switch on the ceiling and pull it. This opens a compartment above the front door which contains the yellow key. Use this on the yellow lock in the hallway upstairs and grab the rifle. Use this rifle while standing on the lift in the blue key room to shoot the lever. Breaking the window across from you with the mannequin at it gets you to one side of the attic and you can get the crowbar. You can get in, but you'll miss the key card.

The preferred option is to go down the hole in the room and into the future birthday room. Grab the key card from the bookcase and go outside and up the ladder. Stack your way into the hole in the attic and grab the crowbar. Now you have both things you need to get in the basement. In the basement, you end up in the living room and Theodore is crying among some boxes. The boxes and the car outside most likely mean he just moved in. Through one keyhole, you see the 2d version of the thing casting its shadow onto the wall and in another keyhole, you see half a bar code. This was part of the [[1]] arg that lasted until November 30th, 2018, with Hello Neighbor Patch 1.3. Going near the Neighbor ends the game, with a screen saying "".

Hello Neighbor Alpha 4

(walkthrough coming soon)


Central Characters

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Main Characters

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Recurring Characters

Recurring characters are characters who appear frequently throughout the course of the game but are not as important as the central or main characters.