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Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue is the Series's first forray into the world of Virtual Reality, Play as a group of misfit Kids, breaking into their creepy Neighbor's house ( Yes, Theodore's House. ) across the street, to save their kidnapped Friend.

The game was released on PSVR2, Meta Quest 2, and PCVR on May 25th, 2023, and PSVR1 on November 24th, 2023

The game features collectibles, in the form of the Golden Apple Coins seen in Secret Neighbor and Hello Neighbor 2. There are 13 achievements that range from playing the game to collecting these coins.


Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue is a groundbreaking VR horror-puzzle game where you sneak into your creepy neighbor's house to save your friend.

Multiple playable characters: Switch between characters to outsmart the AI. Each unique character has their own key items and skills. Switch between the perspectives of the Rescue Squad team members at will, solving puzzles and avoiding the Neighbor as you attempt to reach the creepy basement!

Environmental puzzles require creative solutions: You will have to increasingly use your wits to find alternate solutions to a dynamic range of puzzles and challenging environmental obstacles. Many puzzles that may seem unsolvable at first glance require you to use the perspectives of multiple characters in conjunction to overcome them.

Non-linear exploration: Use your own approach to infiltrate Mr. Peterson’s house by alternating perspectives, combining character’s skills to dynamically solve puzzles, uncover hidden mysteries, and reveal new pathways through your environment.

Confront your fears: Experience nightmarish dream sequences and learn more about the secrets of the Hello Neighbor universe!


The game starts off with Delroy, Inside of Nicky Roth's bedroom, finding a Crowbar inside of his closet, he breaks the boards off the window and meets the rest of the Rescue Squad in the backyard, he and Trinity then meet up with Ivan, and go over the plan, Delroy and Trinity go scout out the path to Theodore's residence. Sounds simple right?

The plan goes well, Until Delroy gets split off from Trinity, and subsequently captured by Theodore.

The game then skips to some time after Delroy gets kidnapped, the Rescue Squad, now without Delroy, are in Nicky Roth's Treehouse discussing about something, and then they go down a rope outside the Treehouse's window and break into Mr. Peterson's house, except for Ivan who stays in Nicky's Treehouse.

Each member of the Rescue Squad then go into different parts of Mr. Peterson's house and use their walkie talkies to communicate and cooperate.

Things get strange when Trinity manages to enter the basement and she spins the valve and gets Ivan to make a new plan. Maritza goes down a "tunnel" very close to Mr. Peterson's house and finds several images of Mya Peterson, candles, and a valve. She spins the valve wheel and is teleported to a strange world with floating and surreal placements of objects. After walking around the area for a little bit, she finds Mr. Peterson sleeping and sitting in an armchair with the television turned on. She then walks towards the slightly open door at the end of the hallway next to where Mr. Peterson is and finds Aaron Peterson who then shuts the door. Suddenly the TV starts to change channels nonstop and the shadow of the Guest starts to appear on the shadow of Mr. Peterson's armchair. The channels stop changing and Mr. Peterson has disappeared and so did the Guest's shadow, but then Mr. Peterson appears out of nowhere and catches Maritza and she goes missing.

After that, both Finch and Enzo find a valve and, spinning it, have a vision about Aaron, and then Mr. Peterson catches them. Now alone in the house, Trinity walks through the secret passage behind the furnace. Trinity goes through the secret passage and finds herself in the true basement, a creepy and absurd labyrinth. At the end of it, she has a vision of Aaron being chased by the Guest, and then she gets caught by Peterson.

Then the game goes back to Ivan, alone, in the Rescue Squad Treehouse once filled with life, as he gets a call on his Walkie from a unknown channel.

Aaron is alive, and communicating with Ivan from his basement cell, before long he receives a visit from The Guest, who makes a sort of deal with him: through a strange puppet, Aaron can become The Guest himself, and use his abilities for escape from his cell. Switching between Aaron and the Guest, the boy frees the Rescue Squad, which escapes from the house through the vents. Eventually, Mr. Peterson arrives, and is terrified by The Guest. Aaron/Guest chases him untill a room full of the "simming" posters. Here, Peterson surrenders to his fate. When The Guest is about to kill him, Aaron finds himself to the last door. The Guest shows up again and gives him the key.

The game ends when Aaron opens the door, revealing Nicky Roth and starting the second act of the first game.


  • Development on this game started back in August 2021, according to strings in the game’s files.
  • This game originally started off as Hello Neighbor 2 VR, according to a texture left in the games files.
  • This game takes place before Act 2 of the first game, serving as a "canon" Secret Neighbor.
  • This game elaborates more on what The Guest is. Possibly, it is a manifestation of Mr. Peterson's emotions. or given its supernatural abilities to morph into people, possess Aaron and transform into a crow. The Guest could be a demon.


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