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Welcome to the Community Portal where you'll find ways help the Hello Neighbor Wiki!

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Getting Started

To join the wiki and be a part of the community, please sign up to create a personal account for free, or just log in if you already have one. Users at 13 years of age or older are legally allowed to have an account, as users under 13 are directly under violations against the Wiki FANDOM's Terms and Service and Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

We ask all new users to read our Rules and Guidelines before contributing to the wiki.

Editing Pages

Every registered user has the right to edit on the wiki. While there are a few protected pages on the wiki, most pages can be freely edited.

Here are some basic tips for editing pages:

  • Make sure your edits are substantial, suitable and relative to the page's topic
  • Refrain yourself putting false information on pages (this involves off-topic images as well)
  • Preview your changes to a page, and inspect them for grammatical or spelling errors
  • Describe what you have changed or why you have edited the page before publishing your edits


As the wiki continues to expand, it becomes harder to keep track of pages on the site. Some pages may not be of the quality consistent with other pages and require attention. These are known as 'stubs'.

Pages which are unfinished or require user input will be marked with this template:


This page is undergoing changes. Please excuse the quality. You can help the Hello Neighbor Wiki by expanding it.
Thank you!