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Hello neighbour.jpeg THIS PAGE IS AN OFFICIAL PAGE

To edit this page, you must be a Staff Member or have the equivalent set of permissions.

These are the rules for the Hello Neighbor Wiki. If any of you break these rules in a repetition of 2-3 times depending on the severity, you will be banned accordingly.

General Rules

  • Do not vandalize anything on the wiki.
  • Do not spam anywhere on the wiki. This includes, but is not limited to, posting gibberish, random letters, comments that have nothing to do with the topic that is being commented on, chain messages, "copypastas," and huge blocks of text.
  • Please refrain from editing other users' profiles.
  • Do not harass or bully anybody.
  • Watch your behavior and be nice to others.
  • Do not advertise on this wiki.
  • No explicit sexual material or gore.
  • Avoid swearing.
  • Non-staff member users should not give warnings to other users. Friendly advice and tips are one thing, but only staff members will give out warnings.
  • Most alt accounts are not allowed, we're trying to avoid chaos as much as possible.
  • You may use two accounts. Trolling or anything else with the alt can get you into trouble.
  • Please try to use English for editing, as it is the common language used on the wiki.
  • Placeholder Pages are not allowed, and will be deleted.

Uploading Files

  • Do not upload anything that is not going to be used in an article. This includes fan art and other similar works.
  • If you want to post such things, upload your image to Imgur or Photobucket first, then paste the direct image link into where you want the image to show up.
  • Do not upload duplicate files.
  • Upload files that are high-quality.
  • Do not upload files with streamer's faces on them.

Editing Rules and Guidelines

  • Read each article in its entirety before editing.
  • Do not create fan-related pages. This includes fan games or reskins, if you want to do that, please create a blog instead.
  • Do try to be as accurate as possible when editing articles.
  • Do your best to use proper grammar.
  • Remain objective - use "the player," not "you."
  • Do your best to keep any abbreviations that may be used consistently.
  • Do not make the articles redundant.

Do not create unnecessary/spam articles.

  • If you want to theorize about a character or anything of the sort, create a blog post instead.
  • Do not start edit-wars, just report to staff members and wait for them to approve either of those edits.
  • If your edit was not accepted do not start an argument as it will end up getting a punishment.

Chat Rules and Guidelines

  • All general rules apply to chat.
  • If you are being harassed by another user, or a user is spamming, and no staff members are present, please take screenshots. Upload them to Imgur or Photobucket, and leave links on a staff member's wall. Alternatively, you may hold onto the links and send them to a staff member once they enter via PM.
  • If you are roleplaying, please have some common courtesy; e.g. no godmodding, puppeteering, etc.

  1. Do not spam in chat. Punishment : 1 day ban from chat
  2. Do not declare war in chat. Punishment: 1 week ban from chat
  3. Do not post any NSFW or NSFL in chat. Punishment: Depends on how bad it is
  4. Do not post jumpscare sites, shock sites, virus sites or similar. Punishment: Depends on how bad it is
  5. Don't contribute to pointless arguments and flame wars. Punishment: 1 warning, then increasing chat ban times for every repeat
  6. The previous rules also count here. Do not insult, mini-mod, alts, doxx, etc.
  7. Restrictions on the use of character-styling such as bold, italicised, slashed, sized, typewritered, differently written and coloured text. It will still be used, but there will be a vague limit to how much you may use them (perhaps it shall only be used to emphasize points or annoucements). Other scripts like CУЯILLIC or Greek-like are subject to this rule too.
    1. Speaking in other languages (in this case, not in English) should be done only in private message. Greetings and other short words like "kurwa" are exempted from the rule. Punishment: 2 hours, then increasing chat ban times for every repeat
  8. Offensive speech is banned (mostly using caps and big text) and related topics, those convicted of them will serve two to six hour sentences depending on the severity. Repeated offenses will result maximum 1 year banned from chat. This includes:
    • Anti-LGBT Speech
    • Religious hate
    • Political ideas
    • Nationalism
    • Racism
    • Insulting another user. This includes calling him/her in a way that is ensured it's offensive for the insulted user.

Punishment: 2-6 hours mute, then increasing chat ban times for every repeat

Forum Rules and Guidelines

  • All general rules apply to the forums.
  • If there is an issue, please contact a staff member as soon as possible.
  • Avoid adding to a problematic situation by arguing, making a big deal out of it, calling names, and so forth. Doing so may land you in trouble as well.
  • If you are roleplaying, please have some common courtesy; e.g. no godmodding, puppeteering, etc.
  • Deleting staff member warnings is prohibited, as well as locking them without permission.
  • Posting personal download links such as Torrent files and personal sites like Dropbox is prohibited as the link might contain malicious content.

Discord Server Rules

  • 1. No 18+ content. This does not need to be listed. Members are expected to know what falls under NSFW. If you can not decide if something would be NSFW or not, do not post it.
  • 2. The Bureaucrats have the highest authority, respect their rulings on matters relating to server rules and management.
  • 3. Members are expected to act maturely through disagreements, and so should not resort to sarcasm, aggressive language, or other petty means of retribution during disagreements. If you are incapable of resolving a disagreement maturely, take it up with a member of server staff.
  • 4. If any member of server staff asks you to do or stop doing something, listen to them and accept it. If you wish to make a protest about the request or ruling, then direct message to a Bureaucrat, do not take it up within the server chat channels.
  • 5. This server is not the place to discuss real world issues, including politics, religion, and the like. Avoid inflammatory topics within the server channels. If you wish to have them, take them out-of-server.
  • 6. Do not advertise. This includes other Discord servers.
  • 7. Aggressive or abusive behavior towards anyone in the server will not be tolerated, depending on the severity of a violation of this rule, you may be instantly banned. In short, DBAD.
  • 8. This server does not endorse hacking or any of it's various forms. If you are found to be a hacker, you will be kicked.
  • 9. Even if you haven't read the rules, they still apply to you.
  • 10. Don't complain about being pinged by a member of server staff.
  • 11. No spamming. This is not tolerated.

Order of Punishment: 1: You will be warned that you have violated a rule. 2: If you continue you will be kicked. 3: If you return and violate the rules again you will be banned. The members of server staff are here to uphold the rules as listed above. If you believe a member of server staff has acted outside of these rules or incorrectly punished you, contact another member of server staff through a DM. You will be required to present proof of the violation.

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